What is Pullce? 

Pullce is an app where we reward you with points for scanning receipts for any purchase at any store, restaurant or gas station.You also get rewards for your recurring payments that have been linked to your bank account or credit account.Download Pullce now https://bit.ly/3nZhy1h 

Where is it available?  

Pullce is available for the United States, the application can be installed on Android devices and iPhones.We leave you the direct link here  https://bit.ly/3nZhy1h

What functions does the application have?

In Pullce you can find: 

  • Offers from your favorite brands.
  • Discounts from the best stores in the country.
  • Points for your scanned receipts.
  • Points for your usual payments.
  • Free gift cards for your accumulated points.
  • A totally free financial advisor.
  • Tips to improve your finances.
  • Comparison of prices by miles of products.

Download Pullce here  https://bit.ly/3nZhy1h

How to get points in Pullce?

The Pullce App allows you to earn points for

  • Register in the application
  • By scanning receipts from your everyday purchases.
  • For referring a friend
  • By linking your bank and credit card accounts to Pullce 
  • Recurring payments linked to your bank or credit accounts. 

Our technology can also evaluate those payments and look for options where you can save hundreds of dollars.

Does Pullce offer recommendations to improve my finances?

Yes, with Vanessa and spend management, Pullce can give you recommendations, tips, sale notifications, and offers based on your frequent purchases. That’s why you should scan all your receipts on any purchase and linking your bank and credit card accounts to Pullce, as our AI can give you the best based on your activity.

What do I do with my points? 

You can exchange your points in the Market section in Pullce for different products.

How many points do I get for scanning my receipts? 

On Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday, earn 50 points for each of your first 5 verified receipts. 

On Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays, earn 100 points for your first 5 verified receipts. 

And starting with the sixth verified receipt on any given day, you’ll receive 10 Pullce Points for each receipt.

If I need help, where to write?

You can talk to Vanessa, she is the virtual assistant that you will find in the application and on our website, available 24/7 to answer all your questions, if you need to speak to someone from the team, she will put you in contact with us.

Download Pullce now https://bit.ly/3nZhy1h

 I want my business to be in Pullce, what should I do?

We would love for your business to be part of Pullce, with us you can increase your sales, get new customers and build loyalty with them.You just have to go to https://pullce.com/merchant/ and leave us your information.

If you have another question. You can write to support@pullce.com. 

You can also use the ways that we describe on the contact page of our website and tell us what you need.

We are always for you a message away